Let’s start with the facts: According to the United Nations, the world population will increase from 7.8 billion (2020) to 9.8 billion by 2050—that’s almost a 30% increase in just three decades! That can be detrimental to our environment because it would mean more people would have to take into careful consideration (in worse instances, fight over) our already-depleting resources even further.

That is exactly why scientists and other key actors are coming up with ways to prevent that from happening by providing sustainable solutions as early as now, and one of those solutions is to add insects to our diet.

Liberation understands this predicament and released an insect-based cocktail menu as an act to support sustainability and a testament to the endless extent of their passion and imagination to create unconventional concoctions that you won’t find elsewhere.

A laboratory for mixology geniuses
For this menu, we did about 3 to 4 months of researching and testing. [Science says that] Insects will become the future flavor that we will start to consume, but no one exactly knows when we’ll start to develop a liking to it and when we’ll start to add them to our diet, so why not start the idea now?” Senior Bartender Joey (Krit Pragobdee) shared. “Plus, insects are interesting to use, as well. Some insects have aroma from their pheromone or the chemicals that they contain in their body. Others, like crickets or palm weevils, tastes similar to what they eat.”

The results are beyond extraordinary. Nothing less to be expected from Liberation because, despite being a newcomer in the industry, they already took the nightlife in Bangkok by storm with their impressive cocktails using advance gastronomy techniques and constant pursuit for innovation in their in-house laboratory.

The creation of insect based cocktails at Liberation

Here’s a look at the new cocktail menu of Liberation (not arranged in scream factor— but, maybe a bit):

Silk Stalking (Tequila, Crème de Cacao White, Silk & Almond Cream, Raspberry, Lactic Acid)
Silk Stalking by Liberation

Start your entomology experience with the Silk Stalking. It’s a creamy tequila-based cocktail using silk cocoons mixed with crème de cacao white, almond cream, and some drops of lactic acid for a heavier body. It’s extremely milky with nice tart-sweet notes from the raspberry. The nose is absolutely amazing with its clever mix of garnishes—almost too much so that you just want to inhale its aroma.

Silk Stalking is a nice entry to the menu that recognizes both Liberation’s creativity and prowess in making such delicate yet powerful cocktails.

Waterbugs (LANNA, Distilled Waterbug, Nammon Giant Waterbugs Tonic)
Waterbugs by Liberation

Liberation already has a crowd-favorite drink that makes use of waterbugs, but you can consider this as its 2.0.

For this new version of Waterbugs, they collaborated with a local tonic brewery called Nammon where they have an exclusive tonic only available at Liberation. The bar’s mixologists send waterbug essences to Nammon where they combine it with their top-notch creation. They, then, use the by-product and mix it with distilled waterbug for a more prominent flavor and LANNA for citrus notes to balance it out.

The taste is very revitalizing—much more than the typical Gin and Tonic cocktails with its splashes of herbal palate and smooth finish. If you’re a fan of G&T, you will love this.

Weevil Rock You (Clarified Milk Punch, Phraya Rum, Red Palm Weevil, Pineapple, Coconut, Thyme, Lemon)
Weevil Rock You by Liberation

You’ll definitely go coco with Weevil Rock You. This cocktail has an outstanding coconut profile not because of the coconut juice and the roasted coconut garnish, but because of the Red Palm Weevil. The quote, “You are what you eat”, literally applies to insects such as this one. They live in and eat coconut palm trees, which produces an akin taste when consumed.

To give this sweet-nutty flavor an exotic and complex twist, clarified milk punch, pineapple, thyme, lemon, and Phraya Rum are added. If anything, this is TABLE’s favorite drink. It might be yours, too!

And An Ant (Tequila, Queen Ant Vermouth, Olive Brine)
And An Ant by Liberation

We’ve finally come full circle with this entomology cocktail menu as another tequila-based sip is served as the epilogue—and a remarkably strong one at that. Tequila, Queen Ant Vermouth, and Olive Brine are used for this concoction with two queen ants beautifully garnished on a basil leaf. After drinking, it’s recommended to eat the ant for 360 immersion.

The aroma is very invigorating and has an exquisite palate and finish. At first, you’ll get a light salty hint, which develops into sharp yet refreshing olive-floral notes. It’s a perfect embodiment of the Queen Ant and representation of its royal and authoritative nature.

Innovative cocktails at Liberation

All items in this new insect menu are priced at THB 440.

There are also Liberation Classics that you should try while you’re there. Skillful bartender Keng (Weerachon Phasukkhee) introduced cocktails from their Chapter 1 menu.

With stories and elements drawing inspiration from the propaganda movement of the World War 1 and World War 2, you’ll relish in the power of freedom through these liberating drinks.

(Front) Rebel's ; (Back) The Vegan War

If you prefer something coconut-centric with a blend of mosaic elements, the Rebel’s (THB 390) is an ideal choice. It makes use of coconut water, tropical fruits, a red bull reduction, and is garnished with a cinnamon stick for a rich and spicy finish.

The inspiration came from Che Guevara, the iconic figure that became a symbol of revolution and freedom in pop culture. A can of red bull superbly encapsulates his boldness and spirited nature, which led to the use of this famous energy drink. "And since Che comes from the Caribbean, we also played with a lot of tropical flavors—a very interesting cocktail," Joey added.

The Vegan War (THB 390), on the other hand, can be best described as savory and can easily be a signature Liberation drink with its uncommon medley of vegetables as core– basil, carrots, and reduced-tomatoes. It also infuses red cabbage concentrates to reveal this gorgeous red hue.

The best cocktails at the best nightcap spot in Bangkok

Liberation is truly proving to be ahead in terms of mixology advancement and concept proactiveness. With specialty cocktails maneuvering their crafts using insects and other unique ingredients, Liberation is not far from being hailed as the best bar in Bangkok.

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