Bangkok is buzzing with city clamors and restless revelries. It has unparalleled urban pleasures that are ever progressing and never dull which makes it one of the top destinations in the world consistently. In terms of nightlife and beyond, you can find the hottest events, bars, and clubs without even looking for it!

However, that’s not all there is to it. The fact that there are also tranquil neighborhoods within its compass adds to its undeniable charm. Amidst the slew of hi-so haunts and frequented hotspots, there are hidden gems to those seeking for a quick escapade in the concrete jungle—like our newest find, Le Péché Steak & Seafood.

Peaceful neighborhood at Le Péché Steak & Seafood 

Situated along the more peaceful side of Thonglor, eating at Le Péché Steak & Seafood feels like a Sunday morning outside of Bangkok. On the façade, a spacious garden with a two-story modern white house will beckon you to its humble abode as you listen to the birds chirping and feel the gentle warmth of the sun envelop its arms around you.

Upon going inside, wooden tables and benches in solid earth tones will invite you to sit back and relax at full ease—a homey set-up carefully intended by the owners of the restaurant. They want the customers to enjoy the fares without the unpretentious atmosphere—fully immersing you solely on the high-quality dining experience that Le Péché Steak & Seafood provides.

Wooden interior of Le Péché Steak & Seafood 
“The cuisine [at Le Péché Steak & Seafood] is mostly French-inspired focused on steak and seafood,” shared Co-Owner and Head Chef Laurent. “Our ingredients are mainly imported, but we have a lot of local ingredients as well such as fish, prawns, and all the things that we can get from the best parts of Thailand. Our beef, on the other hand, comes from Australia and New Zealand.”

So, despite the casual semblance of the restaurant, you can expect the best of Thailand and Oceania plated in a magnificent dish. Co-owners Mike and Chef Laurent suggest that guests try the platters for a full gastronomic voyage. It comprises all their aces in one serving, which you can customize depending on your choice of steak.

Co-Owners Mark and Chef Laurent of Le Péché Steak & Seafood 

The NZ Grass-Fed Striploin and Half a Lobster (THB 1750) is a combination that will take you to church. The tenderness of the meat and the freshness of the seafood are like heaven in your mouth as if the sky and the earth had a divine collision in the best way possible. It comes with a side of Ratatouille and Béarnaise Sauce to elevate your taste bud’s senses.

Lavish spread of NZ Grass-Fed Striploin and Half a Lobster (THB 1750)
As you may have noticed, the price is quite affordable compared to other fine dining restaurants. “The concept of the food here is a sharing place, relaxing environment, and affordable prices. We cater to everyone in general: families, expats, and local Thais looking for good food in a good environment at the best price possible,” added Chef Laurent.

Some items that you must also order are the Lobster Bisque (THB 280) and NZ Lamb Ragu Fettuccine (THB 380). The Lobster Bisque is a soup with heavy umami flavor—each sip from this bowl will feel like waves after waves of the ocean crashing down on you. They serve it with a toasted homemade bread for you to dip in—a perfect texture contrast!

Delicious Lobster Bisque (THB 280) as starter

The pasta, on the other hand, is as good as it sounds. Making use of their NZ lamb, they mince the meat and season it in hearty red sauce as they toss in al dente fettuccine. It's topped with cherry tomatoes for a more refreshing acidity and a parmesan crisp to give it a nice crunch. The parmesan crisp is so good you would want a bag full of them!

NZ Lamb Ragu Fettuccine (THB 380) perfect for pasta lovers

To cap off your dining experience, a must-try dessert on their menu is the Raspberry Bavarois with Brandy Snap Tuile (THB 170). Imagine an uber dense raspberry-infused panna cotta with a condensed raspberry layer on top for a more prominent fruity flavor. It's beautifully sprinkled with a British-favorite wafer for an extra bite in this sinful indulgence.

Raspberry Bavarois with Brandy Snap Tuile (THB 170) to end your meal

They also have a bar where you can order all sorts of drinks ranging from craft beers to wines to spirits. It’s best paired with their food selections, and also a nice way to cap off the night after a long and tiring day.

Cozy in-house bar of Le Péché Steak & Seafood 

Their scrumptious items will make you want more and more; one platter might not even be enough for one person. Their food is a testament to the restaurant’s name and will make you guilty of one sin: gluttony!

Quality food with affordable prices at Le Péché Steak & Seafood 

It’s okay, though. Spoil yourself once in a while—you deserve it.

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