Let us be the first to admit that Valentine’s Day can be overrated. It is, however, undeniable that it’s the day when single people feel really single. With flowers and chocolates everywhere, that might be your cue to take things to the next level.

Whether you’re about to tear down the friendship wall or pop the big question, it’s not a bad idea to push your chances of a favorable response (or a less painful one if… you know…) with the help of some amorous ambiance over a lovely nightcap. And we know the best places where you can to that.

SEEN Restaurant & Bar

With a view from the 26th floor overlooking the Bangkok cityscape and the Chao Phraya River, it’s almost looking at fireflies lighting up the sky with the magical river mirroring their warm, soft glows. It’s definitely a picturesque scene that makes for an unforgettable date.

Valentine's Day promotion of SEEN Restaurant & Bar "Deliciously Sexy"

For this Valentine’s Day, Seen Restaurant & Bar is running a promotion called "Deliciously Sexy" from February 14 – 16 where a three-course menu of potent aphrodisiacs await. Choose between Maine Lobster Saffron Risotto and Wagyu Rump Steak or Gillaradeau Oyster N.2 and Pan-Seared French Foie Gras and end it with a seductive serving of Guanaja 70% Chocolate Tart drizzled with a love potion infused with raspberry and galangal.

Maine Lobster Saffron Risotto and Wagyu Rump Steak at SEEN Restaurant & Bar
Gillaradeau Oyster N.2 and Pan-Seared French Foie Gras at SEEN Restaurant & Bar
Guanaja 70% Chocolate Tart at SEEN Restaurant & Bar


-          THB 10,999++ per couple for an exclusive table by the pool with three-course dinner and a bottle of Billecart Salmon Champagne (limited seats)

-          THB 8,999++ per couple for three-course dinner and a bottle of Billecart Salmon Champagne

-          THB 6,999++ per couple for three-course dinner only

You can choose to sit in the comforts of their inviting interior or have a more private dinner by the pool. Seen Restaurant & Bar is open from 6 PM to 1 AM.

Cozy interior of SEEN Restaurant & Bar overlooking the cityscape
Tip: When your date says, “the view is beautiful”, make sure you follow it up by looking straight into their eyes and saying, “Yeah. It is.” You’re welcome.

Banyan Tree Bangkok

Banyan Tree Bangkok is Sathorn’s very own urban oasis. Its located at the heart of the city; giving guests the convenience and access to the best modern entertainment whilst being nestled in a sanctuary to give unparalleled relaxation and comfort with utmost hospitality.

They have 13 dining choices that range from Thai street food to one of the most iconic fine dining restaurants in the metro, but, if you want to give your date the best of the best, dining at Vertigo is the way to go.

Vertigo, a famous rooftop bar in Bangkok

Soaring 61 stories high above the ground, Vertigo will make you fall in love in more ways than one. Dine al fresco in an elegant candle-lit dinner with the glistening Bangkok skyline as a backdrop. To make the night more special, an exclusive course menu set of your choice with a glass of champagne will be served to couples. Rates are as follows:

Exquisite Food at Vertigo

-          THB8,900++ per couple for a 3-course set with a glass of Champagne per person

-          THB10,900++ per couple for a 4-course set with a glass of Champagne per person

-          THB12,900++ per couple for a 5-course set with a glass of Champagne per person

While a rooftop bar can prove to be a dreamy date, going on Banyan Tree Bangkok’s newest Saffron Cruise can be just as idyllic.

Romantic Saffron Cruise by Banyan Tree Bangkok

Enjoy a delightful banquet on the majestic River of Kings as you go a 5-hour cruise with your lover. Take in the breath-taking beauty of Bangkok as you enjoy each other’s company over deep conversations and good drinks. Hopefully, after the cruise, you’d already fallen even more in love.

Elegant Cruise Experience at Saffron Cruise

The Saffron Cruise is priced at THB 9,900++ per couple for a 5-course set with a glass of Champagne each.

Tip: Dining al fresco has its perks. When the gentle wind blows the hair of your date, find the perfect timing to put the hair out of their face in a gentle and non-creepy manner.


While others opt for an extravagant way of declaring their love, others prefer a more laid-back type of date. If you’re one of those people, Kai is the right choice for you.

Although you won’t see any magnificent city or river view in this cozy neighborhood, you’ll find excitement in the unique, modern Kiwi cuisine that Kai offers. They make use of quality imported New Zealand ingredients and the best local produce to intertwine the richness of both cultures and create a dining experience like no other.

Kai, a New Zealand Restaurant nestled in the quiet neighborhood of Sathorn

This Valentine’s Day, they’re making their menu extra special with “The Lovers Set”. For just THB 2680, you and your date can feast on a hearty three-course meal.

The Lovers Set is Kai's Valentine's Day exclusive menu

For starters, enjoy the freshness of their Mini Seafood Tower (Seared Hokkaido Scallops, In-House Smoked Premium Tuna, and Andaman Sea Lobster in Wasabi Mayonnaise with NZ Avocado Guacamole & Fresh Herbs and Homemade Toasted Brioche on the side). Next, choose between Chef’s NZ Beef Wellington or Steamed Whole NZ Blue Cod as your main course. End your Kai experience on a sweet note with some Homemade Profiteroles. They’re stuffed with spiced French chocolate custard with strawberry coulis and fruit and a scoop of homemade rum and raisin NZ ice cream.

Feast on unique modern Kiwi cuisine at Kai

They also offer discounts on oysters (Cocollos Irish Oysters, Belon French Oysters No. 00) and wines by the bottle (G.H. Mumm, Prosecco Nero Prego, and NZ Rose Wine).

More Valentine's Day promotion at Kai

There’s plenty of reasons to love Kai. Perhaps getting a “yes” in this restaurant could be one, too!

Tip: Sathorn is a nice neighborhood. After eating, try to walk around and just explore. Who knows? You might find something interesting along the way!


They say that the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, but, at Smalls, it’s through their cocktails.

Revel in two Valentine’s Day-special cocktails prepared by barman Danny Yeung for a one-night-only event entitled “Heart Attack” as you fall in love with hand-crafted concoctions in this intimate jazz bar.

Heart Attack at Smalls

They’ll be offering All Spiced Up (THB 360), a gin-based drink mixed with vermouth, amaro, and chocolate absinthe. It’s topped with a citrus zest for a tangier profile. There’s also XOXO (THB 360), a refreshing choice with heavy floral and fruity notes. It has vodka, kirsch liqueur, cranberry, lemon, and prosecco.

They’ll be giving away free chocolates for each drink ordered, as well, so expect that Heart Attack would be sweetness overload—figuratively and literally! Music will be delivered by DJ Fredrick Funk accompanied by saxophonist, Woody.

Tip: Impress your date the old-fashion way: through dancing. Smalls is a jazz bar with awesome live music. It’ll be easy enough to pick up the beat and do some side steps and a few twirls (unless you have two left foot, then don’t even bother, my friend).

Copper Bar Bangkok

Another bar known for their handcrafted cocktails is Copper Bar Bangkok, and they’re taking their masterpieces to the next level this Valentine’s Day.

Lovely interior of Copper Bar Bangkok

For the ladies, they can order the 50 Shades of Grape (THB 380). It has vodka, Campari, grape juice, Elderflower & strawberry cordial, and fresh lime juice. It’s a sour drink, so she’s going to need your sweetness the whole night.

50 Shades of Grape (THB 380) at Copper Bar Bangkok

A bourbon drink will be available for the gents, on the other hand. Meet Joe Black (THB 380) is composed of bourbon, Farnet Branca, blackberry jam, orange, and fresh lemon juice for some acidity.

Meet Joe Black (THB 380) at Copper Bar Bangkok

If you order the two drinks together, you can get them for just THB 699—a good deal considering it’s set in a stylish yet relaxed atmosphere. Copper Bar Bangkok is, undoubtedly, an ideal venue for a lovely date night.

Tip: Don’t try too hard to impress. Let the food, drinks, and the moment take its course and love will find its way at the right place at the right time.

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s. From TABLE, with love.

PS: Really, though, don't dance if you can't.

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