One look at high-grade steaks is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. Just imagine those tender, juicy meat that melts in your mouth; oozing with umami and bursting with almost-buttery flavor in every bite. Drooling, yet? Us, too! Unfortunately, it’s a premium indulgence that’s unreasonable to spend on often—even for the hi-so’s.

There are, however, alternatives to having a quality meat-fest regularly. While it’s not a top-tiered grade A3 to A5 beef that you’re (probably) used to, you can still expect one of the best cuts at HANJI without a doubt. And they don’t come from hot iron griddles—they come it the form of hot pot.

Oriental, rustic interior of HANJI

You might think, “Why would I choose soup-drenched meat over grilled meat?”—which is valid. It may not have the meat juice that you’re craving for, but its invigorating and filling properties can make you consider otherwise. HANJI exemplifies in this arena by providing authentic Taiwanese-style experience to its customers.

Spicy Mala Hot Pot

The key here is the light broth, but the ingredients that you put in add accents that make all the difference. HANJI takes pride in procuring only the best and freshest meat and vegetables available. This meticulous selection enables all their natural essences to seep in the broth; giving you a profound, savory taste that will last more than a single plate of steak order.

Classic Broth Hot Pot

You won’t go wrong with any of their meat choices, but the must-try at HANJI is definitely the Shimabara F1 Wagyu Striploin (THB 940/120g). For less than a thousand bucks, you’ll be given 4 hefty slices of prime wagyu that look like heaven descending on earth—literally because they aesthetically serve it with dry ice to give it a smoky effect for the ‘gram!

Be sure to ready your camera when they put it on your table!

It’s as good as it looks and just as filling. Its perfect ratio of red meat and fat will dissolve on your tongue smoothly while managing to be a heavy and satisfying meal, nonetheless. Its fair price doesn’t compromise its superiority at all, which is rare to find in Bangkok.

Shimabara F1 Wagyu Striploin (THB 940/120g)

You can order a single serving of this acclaimed Japanese bull meat, but if you want a more value-for-money package, try the HANJI Set.

DIY Your Hot Pot with the HANJI Set

Conveniently, HANJI has a well-curated menu. They give choices that can cater to everyone’s palate without bombarding them with too many options. You can enjoy a hearty, personalized hot pot in 5 easy steps.

Meat Selection

First, you have to decide whether you’ll eat beef or pork. Apart from the F1 wagyu striploin, the AUS Wagyu Outside Flat (THB 550/150g) is also a decent alternative loaded with protein and adequate marbling.

AUS Wagyu Outside Flat (THB 550/150g)

You won’t go wrong with the Tontoro Pork Neck, as well.

Tontoro Pork Neck

Soup Selection

There are four soups to pick from: Classic (free), Spicy Mala (THB 50), Mongolian Herbal (THB 80), and Sesame Beer (THB 80).

Classic broth for a lighter soup option

The Classic broth is the way to go, but it all boils down to your preference. Take note that the Spicy Mala is spicy!

Dipping the meat in Classic broth

Side Dish (Optional)

For the side dishes, you can get a Steamed Rice (free), Minced Pork Rice (THB 20), Konjac Noodle (THB 50), and Taiwanese-Style Somen (THB 70).

Taiwanese-Style Somen (THB 70) will be your new favorite

All of them are enjoyable pairings, but the latter takes hot pot on another level. This wheat flour noodle is kneaded to perfection—soft yet chewy and has herbal notes that are irresistible every slurp.

Appetizers (Optional)

Options: Fried Egg (THB 20), Fried Mushroom (THB 20), Spicy Duck Blood (THB 50), and Fried Pork Belly (THB 70)

In Photo: Shimabara F1 Wagyu Striploin, Taiwanese-style Somen, Spicy Duck Blood

The Fried Pork Belly goes well with the Steamed Rice, and the Spicy Duck Blood gives the broth more depth immensely.

Vegetables (Included)

Mixed Vegetables comes with every set order

Along with every HANJI Set order, Mixed Vegetables (free) are included. You can add more toppings from the a la carte menu if you enjoy healthy greens.

More vegetables? Yes, please!

Feast on Quality Dumplings

No need to go to Taiwan to enjoy quality dumplings. HANJI has incredibly affordable and scrumptious Chinese-favorites that will add a punch to your hot pot experience. They aren't part of the HANJI Set, but it's worth adding while you're at it!

Generous servings of dumplings at HANJI

The Mushroom-stuffed Fish Balls (THB 45/3 pcs) and Cheesy Fish Balls (THB 45/3 pcs) are so heavenly, you wouldn’t mind that eating it piping hot!

Mushroom-stuffed Fish Balls (THB 45/3 pcs)
Cheesy Fish Balls (THB 45/3 pcs)

Cap Off Your HANJI Experience with Drinks and Desserts

HANJI has a wide assortment of beverages ranging from milk teas to beers. For those with a sweet tooth, the Soy Milk Tea (THB 60) is a good way to saturate your taste buds. But if we’re honestly speaking, ice-cold craft beers go hand-in-hand with hot pot.

Soy Milk Tea (THB 60) 
Craft Beers' price varies

Now that the government reinstated the opening of restaurants again, you can enjoy all these when you dine in or do takeaway/delivery. Be sure to reserve ahead of time because seats are limited!


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