Just when we thought it’s nothing but a dream, finally, we’ve found a premium dessert in Bangkok that people can enjoy guilt-free. It’s premium, it’s decadent, and, much to our surprise, it’s unpretentiously healthy. Check out Rial Dates.

Beautiful, elegant boxes by Rial Dates
Rial Dates was born out of our passion for discovering truly healthy desserts without compromising on taste,” Sisters Nikki and Rami said. “We wanted our desserts to be nutritious while feeling decadent”.

And the result of their discovery was beyond impressive. They managed to create confections that taste sinful but are as clean as our hands after sanitizing all day. They only used three simple natural ingredients; making it free from gluten and dairy with no cholesterol, trans fat, sugar, and preservatives.

Currently, they have two beautiful masterpieces that people of all ages could enjoy. The first one is the Assorted Dipped Dates (THB 490). It’s a 6-piece box of assorted premium dipped Medjool dates consisting of three variants: classic, coconut, and nuts.

Assorted Dipped Dates (THB 490)

The first bite into this Moroccan specialty would give a rich, caramel taste with an incredibly chewy texture that sinks in your teeth. You’d almost think that it’s toffee, but it’s a fresh fruit unbelievably packed with health benefits.

Choose your variant: classic, coconut, or nuts

They are high in fiber, vitamins (like B-Vitamins), and minerals (Magnesium, Potassium, Iron, and many more) that aid in digestion and prevent diseases. On top of that, you’d get to enjoy it with the little accents brought out by its toppings. The coconut shreds complement the natural sweetness of the Medjool dates superbly.

Rial Dates also produces artisanal 12-piece Assorted Choco Truffles (THB 490) boxes. These bite-sized treats are very indulgent despite their appearance— perfect for sharing with your loved ones. Same as the dates, these chocolates are dusted with cocoa, coconuts, and nuts respectively.

Assorted Choco Truffles (THB 490) 

Their condensed cocoa flavor will leave you craving for more one bite after another, so be careful not to finish them all in a single sitting! While they do you good in several ways, it’s advisable to keep the consumption to a minimum per day—just enough to saturate your palate without ruining your diet.

Bite into these premium indulgence from Rial Dates

Amazing, right? Rial Dates just proves that we can all eat good and feel good at the same time. You can purchase these special boxes directly via Facebook or Instagram on their account.


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