The Bangkok Bartenders Bazaar (BARZ.) successfully managed to raise 105,000 THB for the bartending community in a lively night filled with goods, bargains, and a renewed sense of collectiveness accompanied by smiles and laughter.

The program started at 5 PM with the vendors ready to sell their products for a cause. Those who participated were: TABLE, Cocktail Critters, Aromkwan, Served, The Social App, Ujamu, Treasure at Home Retreats, and several individuals who signed up to take part in the charity.

Alchemy Thailand, the organizer of BARZ., purposedly curated these merchants before the event because they wanted to make sure that there were diverse choices for everybody. For food and drinks, there was a stall for duck confit, Middle Eastern cuisine, healthy drinks, and more. For those well versed in fashion, there were pop-ups selling clothes, caps, and accessories at very low prices. Into scented candles and essential oils? These relaxing commodities were available, too.

On the side, Philtration BKK was serving a special cocktail menu using Tito's Handmade Vodka, the event's main partner. List of cocktails available were: Texas Iced Tea, Corn on the Cob, Stranger in Moscow, Tito's Martini, Girl Next Door, and Lost in the Jungle. Half of the proceeds for every order were added to the pool of donation, which made each sip as sweet as it could get.

Philtration BKK is a speakeasy with a lavish, modern oriental interior set in an intimate atmosphere. With an ambiance like that, no wonder it was a busy, full night with jubilant guests savoring their fantastic concoctions.

(L-R) Sha Gopinath (Co-Founder of Philtration BKK) and Valentin Iulian (SEA Brand Ambassador Alchemy Spirits Asia)
"It was great to see the hospitality family in Bangkok united to serve a common good and participating in our bazaar activities. We feel that we brought a deeper meaning to cocktails by managing to raise a healthy charity fund and offer a platform to talented artisans and home chefs," shared Valentin Iulian, SEA Brand Ambassador Alchemy Spirits Asia.

Around 300 attendees enjoyed themselves in this festive flea market. In total, Alchemy Thailand in partnership with Tito's Handmade Vodka was able to round 105,000 THB to be given to the bartenders heavily afflicted by the pandemic– a whopping amount that would not have been possible with all the kind buyers and generous donors and sponsors.

(L-R) Sabrina Belleti (Marketing Manager of Alchemy Thailand) and Ken Chiang (Creative Director of Blackvine Pte Ltd.)
"While organising a purely non-profit event had its challenges, we feel lucky to have worked with such supportive partners like Titos Handmade Vodka, Philtration BKK, and Blackvine Event Organizers, and we would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our partners and patrons," said Sabrina Belletti. "Overall, the event was a great success and we learned a big deal on how to improve our guests and vendor experience."

Truly, it was a joyous and heartwarming night for everyone. Rest assured, this is just the first of the many initiatives by BARZ. in their selfless gesture in building communities in Bangkok. Follow us here on TABLE or check them out on Facebook for more news about their upcoming events to help support those in need in these unprecedented times.

What is BARZ.?

Bangkok Bartender Bazaar (BARZ.) is a non-profit charitable organization aimed to help the bartenders of Thailand navigate these exceptionally hard times.

It comes to life through community events aimed at bringing together the hospitality family under a charitable front and gives a loving hand to peers in hopes to bring some relief that 2020 brought upon the industry.


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