It's finally the weekend and you are looking for places to cap off the week with a much-deserved drink (or probably more)?! Don't worry. We got you covered. All that's left to do is show up and enjoy the time with your friends from pool parties to sunset sessions to a night enamored with music and a whole lot of dancing.

Go-to pool parties

Pool parties are everywhere in Bangkok and are held all year-round. The fun usually starts at 1 or 2 PM and ends around 9 PM; enough time for you to soak up the sun at an urbanized tropical paradise with a drink on hand.

W Hotel Pool Party

Popular ones are usually hosted at different hotels on different Saturday's of the month. You can go to W Hotel (1st Saturday of the month), Double Tree Hilton (2nd), Westin Grand Sukhumvit (3rd), and So Sofitel (4th). Regular entry usually starts from a few hundred Baht and table/bottle packages are usually quite affordable, too [starting THB ~3000].

So Sofitel Pool Party by Mad Stash 

So, prepare your swimwear/beachwear and get your shades on because the fun under the sun is already calling you.

Westin Grand Sukhumvit Pool Party

Get your drink on / going

Whether you're coming from the pool or you're just about to head out, get ready for some bad decisions because the night scene is only getting started! Bangkok is teeming with bars that cater to all types of people. Have your pre-game at any of these local gems before you go clubbing.

We suggest going to Escape or Octave. Both are roof deck bars that offer magnificent cityscape views, but the two have different ambiance best enjoyed depending on your mood.


In need of a tropical getaway? Here's your chance to 'Escape' even just for a night. Conveniently located at the rooftop of Emquartier, one of Bangkok's finest malls, this Sukhumvit Secret Sanctuary is bound to give you a pleasant evening.

Escape displays a posh, vibrant character with its Mediterranean theme. It recreates a chill, beach vibe where you can relish in equatorial visuals as you savor the open-air city breeze.

To match the eyeful decor, they have a broad international menu and a wide array of drinks to choose from, as well– all at a decent price. Revel in these variety of choices with their unique music style combining electronics tunes alongside musical instruments such as violin, sax, and drums.


Octave offers a slick and sophisticated atmosphere to crowds going for a fancy night. Its' mesmerizing view of the skyline from the 45th floor is just one of its many assets. It has one of the best lights and sounds systems for rooftop bars that are guaranteed to make your Saturday night as awesome as it can be.

This bar has two decks. The lower deck doesn't have a 360 view, but it's more relaxed and perfect for lounging– best for eating dinner and casual conversations. They serve Asian fusion cuisine and have an indulging seafood bar to pair with fine wines and cocktails.

The upper deck, on the other hand, boasts its glorious sight of the metro. Many tourists, expats, and locals go here around 5-7 PM to catch the sunset. If you want to secure a good seat before the place gets flocked, it's better to reserve early.

Notably, Octave is always a good option because it is a bit cheaper than other leading rooftop bars letting you bask in its grandiose setting without spending too much.

Dance the night away

End the night on a good note with groovy dance moves and electrifying music. The nightlife offering in Bangkok can be pretty overwhelming, but not to worry, we have a few suggestions for you:


You can opt to go here if you prefer an underground, grunge hipster place. It has an intimate set-up, which is the ideal choice for an immersive party experience where you can go wild with the crowd and even chat with the DJ at the same time.

Mustache blows the roof off with electronic, deep house, and techno music played by prominent DJs like Nakadia and many others. If that's your jam, you can be sure you'll get the finest music available.

Another reason why Mustache is popular amongst the in-the-know city-dwellers is that the club stays up really late. You can literally party until morning comes and no one will stop you. Book a table in advance so you can have breaks in-between; and do so fast because tables here are limited!

Notably, they have an on-going promotion that you don't want to miss out on. You can get 50% off on drinks from 9 PM to 11 PM! For what it's worth, it pays to go earlier because that means more drinks for a merrier night.


KOI is a ritzy Western-style club located on the 39th floor of Sathorn Square Tower that's as glamorous as it looks.

Nice view of the Bangkok skyline, high ceiling, state-of-the-art lights and sounds system, pompous smokers, big VIP section, and the list goes on. KOI attracts a good mix of crowd from the Thai Hi-So's to the many expats and tourists looking for upscale exclusivity.

Music on Saturday's usually features Hip Hop on the playlist elevated by the best DJ crew in the whole of BKK - The Bangkok Invaders and occasional international and renowned guest DJs.

Expect that KOI will be packed because it's often the after-party venue for pool parties. You might want to book a table ahead of time for maximum convenience and enjoyment– thank us later!

Sounds like an exciting Saturday, right? Drink and get turnt as you dance the night away. You deserve it!

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