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Mid-Autumn Festival (or also known as Mooncake Festival) is almost upon us. With festivities everywhere to commemorate this celebration of good fortune and prosperity, expect an abundance of oriental gaiety and gastronomic delight in bright, red jubilee.

Mooncake is one of the most popular customs to honor the occasion next to lantern displays. It's a symbolism of reunion that blesses strong bonds among families (and even friends) that originated from the full moon itself– its circular shape connecting from one end to another representing unity and togetherness.

This intricate pastry is traditionally served with a rich and thick filling made from red bean or lotus seeds. However, chefs have innovated their craft as time passed by to produce creative and unconventional variants that make the Mid-Autumn Festival as pleasantly surprising and exciting as it could be.

We had a look around where to buy mooncakes in Bangkok and had the pleasure of discovering Shanghai Mansion Bangkok's interesting offerings. Check them out:

Fresh Monthong Durian & Egg Yolk Custard - No. 1 Best-seller

Fresh Monthong Durian & Egg Yolk Custard @ Shanghai Mansion Bangkok (130 THB/piece)

Don't be appalled just yet. Although Durian might be an acquired taste for some, this sweet-savory fruit goes extremely well with their special egg yolk custard– giving you a unique blend of creaminess that's worth tasting.

In fact, this flavor is so good that it's Shanghai Mansion Bangkok's number 1 best-seller!

Green Tea & Premium Japanese Shine Muscat Grape - Limited Edition 2020

Green Tea & Premium Japanese Shine Muscat Grape @ Shanghai Mansion Bangkok (130 THB/piece)

Green Tea mooncakes have been invented for quite some time now. Its nutty and bittersweet profile is already enjoyed by many, but Shanghai Mansion Bangkok adds a twist to this matcha-like treat by adding a shine muscat grape imported from Japan.

It adds a sweet floral note to each bite, which makes all the difference entirely.

Jujube Paste

Jujube Paste @ Shanghai Mansion Bangkok (100 THB/piece)

"What's a Jujube?", you might be asking. It's a small, dried fruit from several Mediterranean and African tree species commonly called "Red Dates" or "Chinese Dates", albeit its origin. Shanghai Mansion Bangkok is one of the (if not the only) few venues selling this type of mooncake.

The taste of Jujube is similar to an apple, but it's less watery and juicy; thus resulting in a concentrated, fruity taste that's unparalleled. The pastry coating mellows the flavor down, which allows you to enjoy it at its fullest.

Luscious Pink Peach with Custard - Limited Edition 2020

Luscious Pink Peach with Custard @ Shanghai Mansion Bangkok (130 THB/piece)

Peach is not a unique flavor per se, but what Shanghai Mansion Bangkok focused on to take this common taste a notch higher is its quality. Using the best and the freshest luscious pink peach, they combine it with their homemade custard for a sweet delight that will be enjoyed without fail.

Each bite into this custard-filled pastry will give you indulging highlights of peach; making your Mid-Autumn Festival satisfying and enjoyable as it should be.

Salted Egg Yolk Custard - No. 2 Best-seller

Salted Egg Yolk Custard @ Shanghai Mansion Bangkok (100 THB/piece)

Salted Egg is well-appreciated in Asia. Its salty and savory burst is widely integrated into Eastern cuisine from appetizers down to desserts. Shanghai Mansion Bangkok is no exception as they have their own version, which remarkably is their 2nd best-seller ever since they opened.

Like salted caramel, feast on this contrasting specialty and regale in its incomparable superiority.

Other flavors available at Shanghai Mansion Bangkok are Fresh Custard Strawberry, Taro Paste, and Green Tea & Ancient Grains.

For orders, go to this link and message Shanghai Mansion for orders: http://bit.ly/ShanghaiMansionMooncakes

中秋节快乐 or a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone!


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